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E-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions for medium to large businesses with a requirement to sell online or improve their current website to drive more sales.
Our e-commerce will cut your costs
We guarantee, your business will save money and time utilising our e-commerce solutions. Designed to drive business growth and online sales, the time is now to have an online shop that works for your business.
For medium to large businesses
We exclusively work with medium to large businesses as we understand what is involved with producing the correct results for your organisation. We understand the need to best place search engine rankings as your field could be very competitive. Whilst also understanding the need for a quick response to updates, sales etc.
Our expertise
Since 2008 we have honed our skills by working with a wide variety of clients. Below is just some of our experience and what we can provide to you.
E-commerce experience
  • Website development
  • Better search engine rankings
  • User interface
  • Content creation
  • Figma design and creation
  • User experience
  • Animation
  • Brand building*
  • 24 hour support
  • CMS - Content Management
  • Copyright control
  • GDPR compliance
  • Membership areas* (Customer Accounts)
  • Faster website response
  • Optimised images in the correct formats
  • Integrate your chosen courier
  • Upload and Download customer data
  • Upload multiple products and files in easy steps
  • Full training provided on our build software
  • Lockable design sections for ease of use
  • Fully branded checkout systems
  • Heat maps for a better online experience
It does not stop there
Once we complete and launch your online store, we can continue to monitor your customer behaviour with heat maps and examining clicks to see what exactly drives sales within your products. This enables us to continuously improve the customer experience.
Creating demand
The problems of none or very few website hits usually stem from when you may be selling a service, product or blog post that many other people are already doing, talking about.
As such, that probably proves there is a demand for your product and Google has likely already indexed the existing resources and content well. In creating something that’s even better, we have the potential to topple that older piece of content, outrank them, and drive in more traffic.
Beat the competition
In today's marketing, website design and development landscape, the competition is heating up. As a result, marketers and web designers are getting more creative, experimenting with new content mediums, and varying their approaches to bringing in targeted new customers. We have years of experience and research to go on.

Those who are taking action to find out which type of content resonates best with their audience are coming out on top. What can you do to stay in the game? We have developed tried and tested techniques to grab your audiences attention, at the right time and we can help you do the same.
For corporate
It is beyond us why so many large corporate companies in the UK are paying vast sums to have their website online when they struggle with their high street shops. Especially when there are a large majority of these corporate sites not even appearing on the first pages on Google and Bing. We specialise in huge cost savings for Corporate companies online. All can benefit from our 24 hour tech team and specialist designers and SEO services all included in our costing.
Enterprise standards
Corporate and larger companies can take advantage of our advanced and secure hosting facilities for 'EnterPrise'. These include custom traffic scaling, advanced security, guaranteed uptime and much more.

From Soc-2 certification to meet data security standards, advanced DDoS protection to a 99.9% uptime SLA and hosting by 'AWS'. Trusted by the 'Formula One' teams and Trainline among many more. From a dedicated Website Design team, to quarterly reviews, custom billing and invoicing, we have you covered and ready for success, online.


"An amazing company. Working with our in-house team, the team at Red Republic took our website to a whole new level,".
Jennifer Gibbs
"Forward thinking does not cut it as a compliment. Absolute genius website and branding solutions. Our website has gone from 24 sales a day to 79 and growing. Amazing and highly recommended."
Tim Clarke
ABS Systems
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