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The power to reach your potential customer is real and within your grasp. We are dedicated to building faster websites which rank better on Google and Bing, in return you get more sales and reduce your environmental impact. For medium to corporate businesses with enterprise standards.
Website Design
A better online experience for your customer and an increased online exposure, will undoubtedly improve your business. As devices such as mobile phones become more powerful, websites of the future are becoming ever more increasingly exciting and fun to use. Good design followed by good code and integration means your customer can follow a story of you and your brand to finally purchasing from you. We are dedicated to building faster loading websites to improve search engine rankings, drive more sales and reduce power consumption. Read more below on how we are doing this.
Going Green
With the drive now on to reduce emissions and our impact on the environment, it is now up to us to improve our world for our children by being more environmentally friendly.  So, we took the decision to speed up all our websites with faster loading times by reducing code where possible, compressing images and much more. Too much code in a website means a slower loading speed, lost sales for you and increases the amount of power a laptop, phone or tablet uses to load your website, in-return your customer will need to recharge their device more. By reducing, compressing and speeding up your website, you can honestly say, you are being more environmentally friendly than your competitors. We do not compromise on design features for this. Learn more about how we are Going Greener by clicking the link below...
The facts speak for themselves
Two clients saw a 40% increase in sales whilst several others received a staggering 76% increase in sign-ups. During 2019, the sites we built for our clients had combined hits of 47.9 million UK, unique hits. We want to help you build a legacy with your company and be legendary with your customer. Let's not forget our 24/7 support so you can focus on what you do best.
E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce is forever growing and even more so since the pandemic as businesses have seen dramatic further online sales growth. We have the right experience and knowledge to grow your online store by making it elegant, simple to use with expert, fully branded checkout solutions. To read more about our e-commerce solutions, please click the link below...
Our expertise
So, you want to know what we are good at? See below what we are really good at. Marked with an * may be subject to further services.
Our web design expertise includes ;
  • Elegant Website Design
  • Search engine keywords
  • User interface
  • Social Media integration
  • Content Creation
  • Further development*
  • User experience
  • Animation
  • Online Brand Building*
  • 24 hour support
  • CMS - Content Management
  • Copyright Control
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Membership Areas* (Customer Accounts)
  • Faster load speeds
  • Code reduction
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Enterprise Website Training*
  • Super Fast, Secure Hosting
Lowering your online costs
Now more than ever, companies need to lower their overheads and the fastest way to do this is by having a unique website to stand out online. By selling your products and services via a website, you can reduce overheads and put your cash where you need to within your business. Let's face it, brick and mortar costs a lot of money and in today's uncertain high street climates, can be difficult to maintain without additional revenue streams.
Relevant design
The importance of a quality website design cannot be underestimated. It can impact how the perception of your brand and impacts how your site will rank in terms of search engine optimisation on sites such as Google and Bing. With an expected change in Google's search algorithms coming soon, UX & UI will feature heavily in your website rankings. As such, we build relevant websites around your brand, your customers and how they expect to get around your site, fast.
Research and develop
Once we take on a project, we spend around 40% of our time in research and development in to your brand, competitors and customers alone.  Our spare time is also taken up by research and development of Web design techniques is where we started and covers around 77% of our work. We have developed and honed our skills. We promise to build you the website of your dreams and one you love and so will your customer. We provide all the knowledge and have all the tools so you can stand out online with a professional website. We turn your idea in to a reality.
For corporate
It is beyond us why so many large corporate companies in the UK are paying vast sums to have their website online when they struggle with their high street shops. Especially when there are a large majority of these corporate sites not even appearing on the first pages on Google and Bing. We specialise in huge cost savings for Corporate companies online. All can benefit from our 24 hour tech team, specialist designers and SEO services all included in our costing.

Full hand over professionally done.
We will book in training days where we come to you, train your web designer to use the best software to update your website. Do not worry if they mess up, we can remotely and securely access the website to amend changes, utilise lock down conditions such as brand design features to avoid any disasters.
Enterprise standards
Corporate and larger companies can take advantage of our advanced and secure hosting facilities for 'EnterPrise'. These include custom traffic scaling, advanced security, guaranteed uptime and much more.

From Soc-2 certification to meet data security standards, advanced DDoS protection to a 99.9% uptime SLA and hosting by 'AWS'. Trusted by the 'Formula One' teams and Trainline among many more. From a dedicated Website Design team, to quarterly reviews, custom billing and invoicing, we have you covered and ready for success, online.


"An amazing company. Working with our in-house team, the team at Red Republic took our website to a whole new level,".
Jennifer Gibbs
"Forward thinking does not cut it as a compliment. Absolute genius website and branding solutions. Our website has gone from 24 sales a day to 79 and growing. Amazing and highly recommended."
Tim Clarke
ABS Systems
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